UPS Provident Google CEO Action Discover Intuit CEO Shares Insights on 2023 Roadmap and Micro Agent Launch – Future of AI and Crypto?

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The rise of ChatGPT and Google Bard has fuelled an explosion of interest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology this year, and crypto markets haven't missed a beat.February's 'AI narrative' saw blockchain-based AI projects skyrocket in value.

As the paramount AI ecosystem in the space, saw a jaw-dropping 550% surge as the promise of a decentralized P2P AI framework gained huge traction.This has never been more important, with AI technology increasingly centralized into the hands of the 'big five'.In an exclusive conversation with Cryptonews, CEO Humayun Sheikh sat down to discuss micro agents, the 2023 roadmap, and $FET's explosive price action.Despite a difficult crypto winter for the entire industry, $FET's skyrocket comeback has been a big vote of confidence in's multi-year ecosystem build-out.Humayun explained how market cycles impact on the project.“ has been in existence for more than four years, and in this time, we have been through several hype cycles and many bull [and] bear markets,” said Sheikh.“AI has been at the heart of that mission since our inception, so we are pleased that it is now capturing public attention."From our perspective, ChatGPT and generative AI’s provided an ‘Aha’ moment for many people who can now imagine how their work and lives may be impacted and how business models can be disrupted.“And these technologies are the tip of the iceberg.

At, our agent technology can learn, intuit and take action independently on behalf of users and on behalf of other agents."“So for us, the break out [AI] narrative is timely, and we hope to continue expanding on the story.”Indeed, the timely 550% $FET rally came just weeks ahead of the 2023

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