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MatchBoxDAO launches esports experience for Web3 developers

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MatchBoxDAO — a collective of developers, artists and designers building on-chain gaming infrastructure with StarkNet — has announced the launch of MatchBox Arena, an esports experience specifically designed for developer participation.

Dubbing it the “World Cup of the Web3 companies,” the team said the gaming tournament is designed to find out which company has the best technical team.

We are finally launching: "Matchbox Arena"✨With the "Battle of Titans" as the first CTF competition released on the platform, we'll officially release "Matchbox Arena" tomorrow where the players will be able to upload their code. info below The tournament, titled “0xMonaco: Battle of Titans,” will bring together Web3 developers from companies such as Uniswap, Ledger, Polygon, Chainlink and Near.

The team said it will be livestreamed and feature esports commentators.On-chain games for developers take a unique approach, focusing on strategy games in which players use smart contracts to code their strategies.

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