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The UK’s battle cries on net zero have led to nothing – and now time is running out

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I n 2019, the government passed legislation that committed the nation to achieving a goal of net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by the middle of the century.

It was one of the most ambitious targets set by any country in the battle to halt the worst effects of climate change. This is a nation committed to limiting global temperature rises, claimed Conservative party leaders.Sadly those proud battle cries and that Churchillian rhetoric have not been matched by action.

For the past four years, government departments have failed to put in place any coherent policies that could help limit carbon emissions.This neglect had already become abundantly clear last summer when the high court ruled – ironically, on one of the hottest days on record in Britain – that the government’s strategies had failed to meet its obligations to produce a detailed plan for achieving its carbon cut commitments.

Little appears to have changed since then.Delivery on net zero was always going to need strong action by all government departments.

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