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What is a Launchpad? And Why Are BoostX and FireStarter (FLAME) Ones to Look Out For?

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Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.Presale is one of the most important phases in an up-and-coming cryptocurrencies life.These events, which usually are performed in several phases over a period of time, give investors and interested users a pivotal opportunity to get involved in a project early, with the chance of incredible returns in the future.Presales are essential for building interest around a project, creating exclusivity for early buyers that can be used to increase the perceived value of the remaining tokens set to go on general sale in the future.However, launching a presale that can guarantee buyer satisfaction whilst also bringing in the early financing critical for new crypto projects is challenging.

There are many moving parts necessary for a launch to be successful, both on a technical and marketing level.A launchpad is a platform that provides easy accessibility to token presales for users, often hosting several up-and-coming projects with links to the project's information, as well as how to buy.Furthermore, many launchpadswill also work diligently alongside these upcoming projects themselves, creating advertising and marketing materials for them to draw traffic.

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