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Starbucks fired a union organizer. New York City got him rehired

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A ustin Locke was halfway through his shift at the New York City Starbucks where he’d worked for three years when his supervisor ordered him into the back room.

The store manager and the district manager were there too, and they had a piece of paper for him: he was fired.“Are you sure want to do this?” Locke asked them repeatedly.

He knew that what they were about to do was illegal.It didn’t seem like a coincidence that just five days earlier, Locke had helped organize a successful vote to unionize the coffee shop, joining hundreds of other shops in a growing national movement called Starbucks Workers United.

And Starbucks has been known for retaliating against those involved.But the Seattle-based coffee company said Locke was fired for forgetting to sign a log after getting his temperature checked for Covid – something that many other workers regularly forgot as well.

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